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Zenger's response to Friday's MU news

October 21, 2011 05:37PM
From Matt Tait's Realignment Today blog for today:

KU AD Sheahon Zenger, shortly after 4:00 pm Friday:
“KU-Missouri is a great rivalry. The University of Kansas is a great Midwestern school, loyal to our Midwestern conference and to our Midwestern roots. The KU-Missouri rivalry belongs in the Big 12 Conference. Should Missouri decide to leave the Big 12, we would wish them well.”

I agree with Matt's analysis, found here, that this is a farewell notice from KU to the moosters. No direct ultimatum, just a hey, we'd like to have you here, but if not, best of luck to you in your new life.

Best stick to "no stay, no play", too, or there will be a lot of unhappy KU folks.

And for those who say the money will force KU to play MU in Arrowhead in FB or the Sprint Center in hoops, don't count on it since for all practical purposes KU has nothing else to gain from either competition beyond $, and not even that in hoops.

Self has noted that playing MU in AFH nets KU ~$500,000, while playing MU in Sprint Center would mean evenly splitting ~$600K with MU. And that's not counting the economic impact on the Lawrence economy above and beyond the KU take.

Second, although an Arrowhead game against MU might rate more $ than a Memorial Stadium game, why should KU set aside a non-con game for MU when it can try to schedule other programs like Georgia Tech, or, for that matter, Iowa (not ISU) or even bring Nebraska to Arrowhead? I'd much rather continue that rivalry, and benefit the KC Metro in the process. (I don't blame NU for taking advantage of the door MU opened last year as much as I do MU for opening the door.)

Anyway, by playing as many noncon games as possible at home in Memorial, any $ KU might make playing MU in Arrowhead above and beyond holding such a game in Memorial Stadium would be offset by goodwill earned with Lawrence from the renewed positive local economic impact. In these times, that is huge.


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Konza63October 21, 2011 05:50PM

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