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To some degree, every year is different...

April 03, 2012 10:19AM
This years Jayhawks were amazing in their grit... frustrating in their ability to get behind, magnificent in their ability to come back, and fun to watch develop and grow during the year.

It seems that something was unique about his years team. I wonder how much of that grit and heart will carry over to next years team. We have a core of returning players this time in Johnson, Releford, Withey, and Young (he really started to get it together at the end). We have a pretty srtrong incoming freshmen class in Ellis, Peters, White, Lucas and Ellis.

I can easily see Tharp developing, but probably the most important thing for next year is that McLemore and Traylor have had half a year playing and practicing with this years team so they will be more developed than regular newcomers to the team.

It should be a fun team to watch as they create their own identity and go for a 9th straight Big 12 regular season championship.

We can only hope that it will be as enjoyable a year as this one has been.

  To some degree, every year is different...

KongApril 03, 2012 10:19AM

  no chance, IMHO

NotOstertagApril 03, 2012 10:29AM

  Re: no chance, IMHO

rainyhawkApril 03, 2012 10:39AM

  I feel a loss after every season!!!!

replayloungehawkApril 03, 2012 05:06PM

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