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Update on the POY race (per ESPN)

February 29, 2012 06:02PM
Several things from the front page of the ESPN NCAA hoops site:

Latest Straw Poll breakdown

* Interesting to note that there are 4 awards in play, with only one (Wooden) taking into account post-season play

* Davis has now overtaken T-Rob for first place in the Straw Poll, though by a very small margin (Surprise, surprise that he overtook him, given all of the "high priest" media punditry on Davis's behalf the last couple weeks...did anyone not see the most intense NCAA game of the year Saturday and T-Rob's pivotal role in same? Oh, yeah, I forgot, Davis had a decent game against a middling Vandy team at home...)

King's ballot and article

* One guy who did see T-Rob's performance on Saturday was King, and he subsequently shifted his vote back to T-Rob. He notes how T-Rob's performances are coming in very big games, AND he notes (for the first time among a national pundit, at least that I've seen) how his high-level play is coming despite a bevy of double- and triple-teams. THANK YOU!

Gottlieb and Katz Podcast on POY and other issues

“With kindest regards to Dr. Forrest C. Allen, the father of basketball coaching, from the father of the game.”

-- 1936 inscription on the portrait of Dr. Naismith, which Coach Phog Allen hung above his office desk

  Update on the POY race (per ESPN)

Konza63February 29, 2012 06:02PM

  Hey talking heads!! It's Player of the Year ...

Freestate 69March 01, 2012 04:21PM

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