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  Small consolation....Let's keep our chins up.

replayloungehawk12/07/2013 06:58PM

  Re: Small consolation....Let's keep our chins up.

mtnMan12/07/2013 07:51PM

  No excuses

Hawknmo12/07/2013 04:58PM

  Sad Day

hairyhawk12/07/2013 05:07PM

  Re: Sad Day

LKF_Hawk12/07/2013 05:14PM

  2 points

Hawknmo12/07/2013 05:32PM

  Re: 2 points

LKF_Hawk12/07/2013 05:39PM

  Re: 2 points

Hawknmo12/07/2013 05:47PM

  Re: 2 points

LKF_Hawk12/07/2013 05:52PM


CorpusJayhawk12/07/2013 04:22PM

  Jobbed. angry smiley. sad smiley. nfm

Bayhawker12/07/2013 04:24PM


DrJHawker12/07/2013 04:42PM

  Re: Huh?

replayloungehawk12/07/2013 04:59PM

  Re: Huh?

AZHawk8712/07/2013 05:38PM

  Plea to avoid the "sky is falling posts"

Bayhawker12/07/2013 04:36PM

  Re: Plea to avoid the "sky is falling posts"

LKF_Hawk12/07/2013 04:39PM

  I know, and I agree with you. But keep the faith that HCBS is bringing them along. nfm

Bayhawker12/07/2013 04:41PM

  "Letting" that Guy Get That Shot Off

hairyhawk12/07/2013 04:47PM

  Re: "Letting" that Guy Get That Shot Off

LKF_Hawk12/07/2013 04:49PM

  Yes, but what did we shoot from the stripe? nfm

Bayhawker12/07/2013 04:50PM

  Re: Yes, but what did we shoot from the stripe? nfm

LKF_Hawk12/07/2013 04:57PM

  "Earn his keep". Word! nfm

Bayhawker12/07/2013 04:59PM

  We'll get there

DrJHawker12/07/2013 04:58PM

  Re: We'll get there

LKF_Hawk12/07/2013 05:01PM


MountainHawk12/07/2013 05:18PM

  LOL!!!! NFM

LKF_Hawk12/07/2013 05:21PM

  Re: Plea to avoid the "sky is falling posts"

AZHawk8712/07/2013 05:32PM


Riverhawk12/07/2013 04:34PM

  Well said and o' so true. nfm. thumbs up

Bayhawker12/07/2013 04:37PM


DrJHawker12/07/2013 04:41PM

  Yes! nfm. thumbs up

Bayhawker12/07/2013 04:42PM

  Steps? nuf said!

CorpusJayhawk12/07/2013 04:33PM

  Free Throws 35-17…arghh!!

CorpusJayhawk12/07/2013 04:24PM

  Drive to the hoop on first 2 possessions!!!

CorpusJayhawk12/07/2013 03:32PM

  2:21 into 2nd half and 4 drives…nice

CorpusJayhawk12/07/2013 03:34PM

  And the balance of fouls is changing. smiling smiley. nfm

Bayhawker12/07/2013 03:38PM

  Forget what I said about fouls. nfm. angry smiley

Bayhawker12/07/2013 03:42PM

  first half thoughts

Riverhawk12/07/2013 03:20PM

  Re:seems accurate to me. I share your tune selection! nfm

Bayhawker12/07/2013 03:25PM

  Halftime Observations

CorpusJayhawk12/07/2013 03:12PM

  CU Zone was killing us

DrJHawker12/07/2013 03:17PM

  Answer....DRIVE THE BALL!!!!!! Nm

Hawknmo12/07/2013 03:20PM

  Surprised and frustrated me too. nfm

Bayhawker12/07/2013 03:22PM

  +/- for the Half

CorpusJayhawk12/07/2013 03:17PM


JoJoHawk12/07/2013 03:08PM

  Re: Fouls. Word! nfm

Bayhawker12/07/2013 03:11PM

  ready for the game in the mountains

mtnMan12/07/2013 09:58AM

  Re: ready for the game in the mountains

MountainHawk12/07/2013 12:24PM

  Whoohooo Baylor!!!!!

JhawkMom12/07/2013 09:37AM

  game is this afternoon

mtnMan12/07/2013 09:50AM

  I'll be lookin' for you! cool smiley nfm

Bayhawker12/07/2013 10:23AM

  Re: Whoohooo Baylor!!!!!

CorpusJayhawk12/07/2013 09:53AM

  Re: Whoohooo Baylor!!!!!

JRhawk12/07/2013 10:03AM


mtnMan12/07/2013 10:23AM

  Represent!!! smileys with beer nfm

Bayhawker12/07/2013 10:24AM

  Re: Whoohooo Baylor!!!!!

KUSTEVE12/07/2013 11:10AM

  Keys to Colorado Game

CorpusJayhawk12/07/2013 10:22AM


mtnMan12/07/2013 10:27AM

  Mason's Awesome Aggressiveness

CorpusJayhawk12/06/2013 11:11AM

  And he had massive thighs...

Kong12/06/2013 11:39AM


Konza6312/06/2013 12:30PM

  Re: Valentine

KUSTEVE12/07/2013 05:49AM

  Thunder Thighs

CorpusJayhawk12/07/2013 10:25AM

  predictions for Colorado game

asteroid12/07/2013 07:42AM

  Great stuff as always Sir Asteroid!!

CorpusJayhawk12/07/2013 09:45AM

  Ad astra, asteroid!

HawkErrant12/07/2013 10:11AM

  Mason is named starting point guard

Konza6312/06/2013 07:43AM

  Not surprised at all

HawkErrant12/06/2013 08:18AM


NotOstertag12/06/2013 09:23AM

  Re: Agreed.

Konza6312/06/2013 11:53AM

  And if/when Joel joins the starting 5....

porthawk12/06/2013 10:40PM

  Re: Not surprised at all

KUSTEVE12/07/2013 06:14AM

  Go Bears tonight!

Bayhawker12/06/2013 07:59AM

  Easy pick and a question

HawkErrant12/06/2013 08:26AM

  I thought they'd changed the name to...

Konza6312/06/2013 12:07PM

  Re: Go Bears tonight!

KUSTEVE12/07/2013 05:54AM

  Mason over Tharpe...not sure I like it.

replayloungehawk12/06/2013 05:36PM

  HCBS is sending a message special delivery to Nadir. nfm

Bayhawker12/06/2013 05:42PM

  I like it

HawkErrant12/06/2013 07:16PM

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