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Men's Basketball

KU, other colleges, pro 

  Push to ^ CBB TV draw before New Year’s continues next year

HawkErrant05/08/2014 10:37PM

  Take a look at what T-Rob found in his locker....

porthawk05/08/2014 08:50PM

  Has OkSt's slide become a precipitous fall?

HawkErrant05/08/2014 01:39PM


NotOstertag05/08/2014 03:46PM

  Way things are going in Okie town . . .

Bayhawker05/08/2014 04:13PM

  Elsewhere, Turgeon has his AD's backing

HawkErrant05/08/2014 02:18PM

  Was there really ever any doubt about #1?

HawkErrant05/08/2014 01:23PM


WheatState Gal05/07/2014 03:42PM


WheatState Gal05/07/2014 03:45PM

  Thunder Up Indeed

CorpusJayhawk05/08/2014 07:57AM

  Jayhawk on Jayhawk crime

porthawk05/06/2014 07:28PM

  Stiff competition.....

JhawkMom05/06/2014 04:30PM

  Laker's HC Mike D'Antoni "resigns"

HawkErrant04/30/2014 09:13PM

  Lakers want "splash", going after squid & Ollie

HawkErrant05/01/2014 10:45PM

  As much as I'd like to see the Squid frolic in the Pacific...

NotOstertag05/02/2014 08:29AM

  We should all root for OKC going after Ollie...

Konza6305/02/2014 09:11AM

  For all y'all worried about the NBA coming after Self...

HawkErrant05/05/2014 01:16PM

  Longer Term Vision

CorpusJayhawk05/05/2014 03:11PM

  Short Term and Longer Term

Illhawk05/05/2014 04:29PM


HawkErrant05/05/2014 06:22PM

  I'm personally not worried about it. But...

Konza6305/05/2014 10:15PM

  ...and speaking of RW, the Lakers are sniffing around him

NotOstertag05/06/2014 08:32AM

  Cliff Alexander's Pop has some game himself! thumbs up

Konza6305/05/2014 10:44PM

  Graham will be wearing the crimson and blue smileys with beer

Konza6305/02/2014 11:56AM

  Re: Graham will be wearing the crimson and blue smileys with beer

Jhawkr222205/02/2014 12:01PM

  With the dust settling...

jillianjayhawk05/02/2014 12:37PM

  Yep, spot on, Jillianjay...

Konza6305/02/2014 01:20PM

  Re: With the dust settling...

JRhawk05/03/2014 03:09AM

  Devonte's hoops mix from Brewster...and some thoughts

Konza6305/02/2014 01:18PM

  Shouldn't that be

Kong05/02/2014 03:53PM

  Maybe that should be standard protocol

DrJHawker05/02/2014 05:20PM

  For the record, this is the first time I've noticed *anyone*...

HawkErrant05/02/2014 11:10PM

  I am not certain it is an accent...

Kong05/03/2014 09:22AM

  Typing Tip: é

iang05/05/2014 12:31PM

  éxactly, ian!

HawkErrant05/05/2014 12:58PM

  grinning smiley nfm

iang05/05/2014 01:59PM

  Thanks, Ian! nm

boulderhawk05/05/2014 02:39PM

  I still don't think that is the way he "spells" it...

Kong05/05/2014 02:47PM

  Punctuation or Diacritics?

iang05/05/2014 04:49PM

  I'm reminded of Adam Carolla's favorite football player name . . .

Bayhawker05/05/2014 05:19PM

  Nice post, Ian!

HawkErrant05/05/2014 06:10PM

  Graham a bigger pick up than Turner would have been?

DrJHawker05/02/2014 06:40PM

  I do not see Turner Starting for Texas

CorpusJayhawk05/02/2014 08:37PM

  Re: I do not see Turner Starting for Texas

Jhawkr222205/02/2014 09:01PM

  Learning curve

NotOstertag05/03/2014 08:40AM

  Coaching Carousel NCAA D1 MBB 2014

HawkErrant03/25/2014 10:21AM

  Kelvin Sampson to Houston Cougars?

HawkErrant03/26/2014 02:13PM

  Cal's Mike Montgomery to retire?

HawkErrant03/30/2014 04:37PM

  Does anyone think that Montgomery resembles...

porthawk03/30/2014 05:12PM

  Maybe a little, if you clean Nick up

HawkErrant03/30/2014 05:24PM

  Yeah, I hear ya smiling smiley nm

porthawk03/30/2014 05:30PM

  Marquette looking at Tennessee's Cuonzo Martin

HawkErrant03/31/2014 11:18AM

  South Florida hires UK Asst Orlando Antigua

HawkErrant04/01/2014 06:34AM

  An interesting hire at Washington State...

Kong04/01/2014 08:28AM

  had never heard of the Kamikaze Kids

HawkErrant04/01/2014 09:55AM

  The kids were amazing...

Kong04/01/2014 10:11AM

  Wojciechowski to be hired by Marquette; Montgomery retires

HawkErrant04/01/2014 02:02PM

  ESPN says Kelvin Sampson is Houston's choice

HawkErrant04/02/2014 03:40PM

  I was a big Dubious Brothers fan in the '70s . . . . smoking smiley

Bayhawker04/02/2014 03:48PM

  Re: ESPN says Kelvin Sampson is Houston's choice

Dave04/02/2014 03:54PM

  LOL!smileys with beer nfm

HawkErrant04/02/2014 04:00PM

  While waiting for D. Manning TU/WFdecision -- Joe Dooley staying at FGCU

HawkErrant04/03/2014 01:04PM

  Danny goes to Wake Forest

HawkErrant04/04/2014 10:22AM

  Remaining openings as of April 11, 2014

HawkErrant04/11/2014 04:18PM

  Tennessee's Cuonzo Martin leaving for Cal-Berkeley

HawkErrant04/15/2014 02:29PM

  Frank Haith to replace Danny Manning at Tulsa?

HawkErrant04/17/2014 04:42PM

  Re: Frank Haith to replace Danny Manning at Tulsa?

Dave04/17/2014 05:19PM

  That is the current thought

HawkErrant04/17/2014 05:37PM

  'splain it to me, Lucy

WheatState Gal04/17/2014 07:40PM

  I have heard that too...

Kong04/17/2014 07:50PM

  a list

JRhawk04/18/2014 11:16AM

  It will be somewhat interesting...

Kong04/18/2014 12:36PM

  Looks like it's a done deal

HawkErrant04/17/2014 09:25PM

  Tulsa is definitely a step up from Moo

Kong04/17/2014 09:29PM

  Re: Tulsa is definitely a step up from Moo

HawkErrant04/17/2014 09:36PM

  Makes sense I suppose....

NotOstertag04/18/2014 11:05AM

  To be fair, if not for the non-acumen of Mike Alden, their AD...

HawkErrant04/18/2014 02:32PM

  Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds an acorn

Konza6304/18/2014 07:51PM

  It's official

HawkErrant04/18/2014 04:30PM

  And now more than verbal

HawkErrant04/19/2014 07:23AM

  Sorry about all the "new" flags

HawkErrant04/19/2014 07:34AM

  Tennessee hires Southern Miss' Don Tyndall

HawkErrant04/22/2014 05:51AM

  mOO alum Kim Anderson strong candidate for mOO HC

HawkErrant04/22/2014 12:34PM

  More on Kim Anderson

HawkErrant04/23/2014 06:43AM

  He is probably the best hire that Moo could get...

Kong04/23/2014 07:36AM

  Re: He is probably the best hire that Moo could get...

Konza6304/23/2014 10:52AM

  Maybe it is my bias coming through...

Kong04/23/2014 12:13PM

  Kim Anderson

HawkErrant04/28/2014 03:51PM

  Re: Kim Anderson

HawkErrant04/28/2014 05:22PM

  Mizzou has a new coach

DrJHawker04/28/2014 11:04PM

  As I said elsewhere, it is probably the best they can do...

Kong04/29/2014 08:23AM other news, Kim Kardashian was photographed by paparazzi...

NotOstertag04/29/2014 09:11AM

  Now THIS is funny

NotOstertag04/29/2014 09:14AM

  It amazes me...

Kong04/29/2014 09:22AM

  Southern Miss hires Doc Sadler as their new HC

HawkErrant04/30/2014 09:00PM

  Re: Southern Miss hires Doc Sadler as their new HC

Konza6304/30/2014 10:56PM

  Coaching Carousel NCAA D1 MBB 2014 AS OF 2014-05-04

HawkErrant05/04/2014 10:19AM

  Re: Wojo not another Quinn ...

Freestate 6905/05/2014 11:54AM

  DeBruce Center & Josh Swade

Hawkdoc8205/04/2014 07:53AM

  Hear! Hear!

HawkErrant05/04/2014 09:19AM


Konza6305/04/2014 11:08AM

  WORD!! smileys with beer nm

Bayhawker05/04/2014 09:54AM

  Allez! Allez!

JRhawk05/04/2014 11:53AM

  Re: DeBruce Center & Josh Swade

murphyslaw05/04/2014 12:22PM

  Re: DeBruce Center & Josh Swade

iang05/05/2014 11:49AM

  NBA finals

JhawkMom05/03/2014 10:30PM

  Do not know why, just glad that...

HawkErrant05/04/2014 06:49AM

  Spurs TCoB, roll over the Mavs to advance

HawkErrant05/04/2014 05:19PM

  Re: NBA finals

murphyslaw05/04/2014 03:04PM

  Why Nick did not play

CorpusJayhawk05/05/2014 08:00AM

  Zach Peters gone again

sasnak05/03/2014 08:43AM

  I saw that

DrJHawker05/03/2014 10:14AM

  Naadir Tharpe reportedly transferring

Konza6305/01/2014 11:55AM

  Tharpe = Fall guy

NotOstertag05/01/2014 12:05PM

  I would bet that there is far more to this...

Konza6305/01/2014 12:12PM

  Odd text response from Self

Konza6305/01/2014 12:19PM

  Re: Odd text response from Self

HawkErrant05/01/2014 01:16PM

  I'll take .00001% to the extent that I could have been a better fan . . . sad smiley nm

Bayhawker05/01/2014 12:39PM

  Call me Crazy...

jillianjayhawk05/01/2014 01:07PM

  Reason why he is transferring

ATXjayhawk05/01/2014 01:30PM

  God Bless Naadir and his daugthter!!!

JhawkMom05/01/2014 05:53PM

  Self confirms it (link)

HawkErrant05/01/2014 01:33PM

  KUAthletics release (link)

HawkErrant05/01/2014 01:45PM

  The very best to Naadir

DrJHawker05/01/2014 02:13PM

  Best Wishes, Naa

WheatState Gal05/01/2014 02:20PM

  Best of luck to Naadir

Konza6305/01/2014 02:24PM

  Great story! thumbs up Thanks Konza nm

Bayhawker05/01/2014 06:33PM

  Re: Best of luck to Naadir

murphyslaw05/01/2014 08:05PM

  Agree with you, murphy

HawkErrant05/01/2014 10:29PM

  Here's the troubling part....

NotOstertag05/02/2014 08:23AM

  To ease your troubled mind...

HawkErrant05/02/2014 03:09PM

  That does help

NotOstertag05/03/2014 07:50AM

  No Reference to KU Family

AZHawk8705/01/2014 08:21PM

  Good and Bad

CorpusJayhawk05/01/2014 08:32PM

  or the fans

NotOstertag05/02/2014 06:18AM

  *all aboooooaaarrddd* confused smiley

texkan05/03/2014 12:39AM

  Zenger interview re: future projects to be on Jayhawk Insiderhot smiley

HawkErrant04/30/2014 10:17AM

  Pushing this one BTTT for those who haven't seen it yet...

HawkErrant04/30/2014 05:28PM

  This article covers everything Zenger said in the show

HawkErrant05/02/2014 10:51PM

  Self comments on 610/Fescoe this morning

Konza6305/02/2014 09:49AM

  Good stuff, Konza63, thanks!

HawkErrant05/02/2014 03:25PM

  For the board: it's the DeBruce Center...

Konza6305/02/2014 05:11PM

  And they broke ground for the DeBruce Center today!

HawkErrant05/02/2014 10:46PM

  Oklahoman Calling Durant Mr. Unreliable is like calling George Brett Mr. Unreliable after a 1 for 4 with a double and RBI

CorpusJayhawk05/02/2014 08:46PM

  Grahmn announcement is much needed good news

LKF_Hawk05/02/2014 07:45PM

  I have never understood the Moo mindset...

Kong05/02/2014 07:57PM

  Remember Kong, they have to take off their shoes . . .

Bayhawker05/02/2014 08:22PM

  Re: Remember Kong, they have to take off their shoes . . .

LKF_Hawk05/02/2014 08:56PM

  To keep the record straight, Yost was KUFB HC #5 in 1899...

HawkErrant05/02/2014 10:43PM

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