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  Oh no, that looked like a horrible injury to Black

Konza6301/20/2014 10:07PM

  Good to see he was back on the bench at the end

Konza6301/20/2014 10:34PM

  Re: Good to see he was back on the bench at the end

Senex6801/20/2014 10:46PM

  Just my guess...

Konza6301/20/2014 11:42PM

  Went back and watched wasn't a foul

Konza6301/21/2014 10:16AM


NotOstertag01/21/2014 11:11AM

  Re: Agreed

Senex6801/21/2014 01:04PM

  Re: Agreed

Konza6301/21/2014 01:23PM

  I saw it as two guys going hard after a loose ball

NotOstertag01/21/2014 03:03PM

  IMHO it is a Foul

hairyhawk01/21/2014 03:56PM

  Re: IMHO it is a Foul

Senex6801/21/2014 05:40PM

  You won't find the words "intent" or "intentional" in my post

Konza6301/21/2014 06:05PM

  Agreed That it is Not Always Called

hairyhawk01/21/2014 06:33PM

  Mountains out of mole hills, and homerism

NotOstertag01/22/2014 08:48AM

  Yes and No

hairyhawk01/22/2014 03:54PM

  Re: Agreed That it is Not Always Called

socalhawk01/22/2014 11:33AM

  Good news, kind of

NotOstertag01/21/2014 08:38AM

  I sincerely thought he broke his fibula

Konza6301/21/2014 10:14AM

  Our worry as well

HawkErrant01/21/2014 10:28AM


NotOstertag01/21/2014 11:13AM

  Self on Black: "I didn't know you could hurt him."

mtnMan01/21/2014 10:02PM


mcederburg01/22/2014 01:08PM

  Re: Perspective

Senex6801/22/2014 01:22PM

  So that begs the question....

CorpusJayhawk01/22/2014 01:46PM

  Re: Perspective

Konza6301/22/2014 01:25PM


CorpusJayhawk01/22/2014 01:52PM

  Few thoughts

Illhawk01/22/2014 03:39PM

  Re: Few thoughts

3putt01/22/2014 03:50PM

  Grapes go down on a killer trey at the buzzer... smileys with beer

Konza6301/21/2014 08:14PM


HawkErrant01/21/2014 08:23PM

  Misery loss adds to the joy of tonite! nm

JhawkMom01/21/2014 09:08PM

  Good to know

HawkErrant01/21/2014 09:27PM


Konza6301/21/2014 10:12PM

  Re: Misery loss adds to the joy of tonite! nm

WheatState Gal01/22/2014 02:31PM

  Thank you, Texas. smiling smiley

NotOstertag01/22/2014 10:28AM

  Baylor needs a new apparel contract.

Jhawkr222201/21/2014 07:00PM


NotOstertag01/22/2014 10:39AM

  A deeper look at the KU-Baylor game

Konza6301/21/2014 10:39PM

  I would really like to be able to return to griping about FTs

HawkErrant01/22/2014 08:52AM

  Re: I would really like to be able to return to griping about FTs

bvillehawk01/22/2014 09:34AM

  Re: I would really like to be able to return to griping about FTs

Senex6801/22/2014 10:21AM

  Keegan on Selden's hustle

porthawk01/21/2014 07:15PM

  Heslip's class

mtnMan01/21/2014 09:42PM

  Saw that and smiled

HawkErrant01/22/2014 08:44AM

  Very nice Parrish article

mtnMan01/21/2014 12:54AM

  Indeed a "must read" for KU fans. Thanks, mtnMan! nm

HawkErrant01/21/2014 08:13AM

  Good stuff

Konza6301/21/2014 10:04AM


mtnMan01/21/2014 09:55PM

  Re: appearances

Konza6301/21/2014 10:05PM

  Buffett makes March Madness even more interesting

sasnak01/21/2014 04:28PM

  Bait and Switch

CorpusJayhawk01/21/2014 04:46PM

  Re: Bait and Switch

sasnak01/21/2014 06:39PM

  KU & UK Are Getting All The Top Recruits

Senex6801/21/2014 05:45PM

  Re: KU & UK Are Getting All The Top Recruits

IowaHawk01/21/2014 06:15PM

  I heard that too, and all I could think of was...

Konza6301/21/2014 06:19PM

  Mixed feelings

TennesseeHawk01/21/2014 06:27PM

  Musburger vs Vitale

Hawkdoc8201/21/2014 08:56AM

  Bullet to the head, or decapitation?

NotOstertag01/21/2014 11:19AM

  Re: Musburger vs Vitale

Senex6801/21/2014 01:01PM

  Re: Musburger vs Vitale

KUSTEVE01/21/2014 01:31PM

  Good take Steve but...

CorpusJayhawk01/21/2014 02:38PM

  Re: Musburger vs Vitale

jaykhawk01/21/2014 03:25PM

  me too!

sasnak01/21/2014 04:25PM

  Re: Knight and Golf

Freestate 6901/21/2014 05:14PM

  And shoveling snow...

Konza6301/21/2014 06:25PM

  Distancing the field, and conference symmetry

NotOstertag01/21/2014 08:46AM

  " the TEAM is doing great,and how no one particular "star" is needed to carry us."

Bayhawker01/21/2014 08:51AM

  Last night it was Ellis and Mason, arguably

Konza6301/21/2014 10:26AM


NotOstertag01/21/2014 11:25AM

  I'll argue for Wiggs

mtnMan01/21/2014 02:15PM

  Good point

NotOstertag01/21/2014 03:00PM

  Don't forget tonight's game

Konza6301/21/2014 10:23AM

  Good point (nfm)

NotOstertag01/21/2014 11:25AM

  BIG XII schedule rest of January

HawkErrant01/21/2014 10:24AM

  Agree on the Mountaineers upsetting the Pokes

Konza6301/21/2014 10:37AM

  Final thought

3putt01/21/2014 03:19PM

  All-Time Wins

DocBlues01/21/2014 02:42PM

  FYI, the guys are now under additional stress the rest of the wayeye popping smiley

HawkErrant01/21/2014 09:30AM


NotOstertag01/21/2014 10:14AM

  While recognizing it does happen...

HawkErrant01/21/2014 11:14AM


NotOstertag01/21/2014 11:23AM

  If you REALLY want to dream about next year...

Konza6301/21/2014 12:40PM

  Interesting win streak

USAF Jayhawk01/20/2014 10:25PM

  They have time to get there!! nm

JhawkMom01/20/2014 10:32PM

  Re: Interesting win streak

KUSTEVE01/21/2014 08:06AM

  Possible exception...

NotOstertag01/21/2014 08:34AM

  Rockin' the Chalk?

CorpusJayhawk01/20/2014 08:49PM

  Re: Rockin' the Chalk?

USAF Jayhawk01/20/2014 09:28PM

  He's a moron

NotOstertag01/20/2014 10:59PM

  Re: He's a moron

Bayhawker01/21/2014 07:51AM

  LOL! Exactly

NotOstertag01/21/2014 08:31AM

  Hustle by Wayne

USAF Jayhawk01/20/2014 09:36PM

  That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Konza6301/20/2014 09:38PM

  Re: That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

USAF Jayhawk01/20/2014 09:42PM

  Re: That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

mtnMan01/21/2014 12:42AM

  Jo Jo White is somewhere crying out...

CorpusJayhawk01/20/2014 09:46PM

  Re: Jo Jo White is somewhere crying out...

Senex6801/20/2014 10:48PM

  Here it is

DrJHawker01/20/2014 10:57PM

  Re: Here it is

DrJHawker01/20/2014 10:57PM

  Not so sure

DrJHawker01/20/2014 11:01PM

  Re: Here it is

DrJHawker01/20/2014 11:01PM

  Jayhawks only top 25 team to win tonight!! (nfm)

CorpusJayhawk01/20/2014 11:06PM

  Know you meant AP, but FWIW Creighton is #24 in Coaches Poll

HawkErrant01/20/2014 11:27PM

  2 out of 10

NotOstertag01/20/2014 11:02PM

  Is there a "no Holly Roe" channel? nm

Bayhawker01/20/2014 10:09PM

  The Playboy channel. grinning smiley (nm)

LASJayhawk01/20/2014 10:13PM

  ROTFLMAO! grinning smiley. nm

Bayhawker01/20/2014 10:14PM

  Wow...mean, but funny! (nm)

USAF Jayhawk01/20/2014 10:15PM

  Actually I like Holly Rowe but that is extremely funny (nfm)

CorpusJayhawk01/20/2014 11:01PM

  Selden top play on Sports Center smiling smiley nm

jayhawk96901/20/2014 11:01PM

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