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Men's Basketball

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  If RAC-KUbacker is still out there lurking on occasion...

Konza6302/15/2014 12:07PM

  Great recap of Jayhawk info from Bedore

porthawk02/15/2014 10:35AM

  How *does* if feel to be a Jayhawk?

HawkErrant02/14/2014 09:02PM

  "You’re a snob and you don’t even know it." My favorite sentence. spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Bayhawker02/15/2014 10:25AM

  Barbara Eden-Jeanie is a KU hoops fan

LKF_Hawk02/15/2014 03:32AM

  Re: Barbara Eden-Jeanie

Illhawk02/15/2014 07:43AM

  Love the replythumbs up. but it's Colonel (Dr) Bellows

HawkErrant02/15/2014 08:01AM

  Thanks - Working Link

DrJHawker02/15/2014 09:39AM

  Did someone say "rivalry"?

HawkErrant02/14/2014 08:56PM

  Love it...

Konza6302/14/2014 09:59PM

  Salt in the wound, let the kitties have their day

HawkErrant02/15/2014 08:03AM

  predictions for TCU game

asteroid02/15/2014 08:01AM

  I smell another (2-Disc Set) DVD

jaykhawk02/11/2014 02:00PM

  commemarative T already on sale

3putt02/11/2014 02:04PM

  Re: commemarative T already on sale

iang02/12/2014 05:04PM


Konza6302/12/2014 11:47PM

  Re: EMAW...

murphyslaw02/13/2014 05:16PM

  Every Man A Wildcat eye rolling smiley

Bayhawker02/13/2014 05:18PM

  Hey Bay, I love your emoticon for this one

Konza6302/13/2014 09:59PM

  Note how it disenfranchises at least half the student body...

HawkErrant02/13/2014 11:03PM


NotOstertag02/14/2014 08:16AM

  I had to google it...

NotOstertag02/13/2014 05:56PM

  Another one...

NotOstertag02/13/2014 06:06PM

  I'll take a wanker shirt! grinning smiley. nm

Bayhawker02/13/2014 06:38PM

  Re: Another one...

Konza6302/13/2014 09:56PM

  That's ridiculous

NotOstertag02/11/2014 02:45PM

  Re: That's ridiculous

jaykhawk02/11/2014 04:51PM

  A win over KU is treasured forever

socalhawk02/11/2014 03:19PM

  Heinlein once wrote.

LASJayhawk02/11/2014 05:29PM

  Re: Heinlein once wrote.

WheatState Gal02/12/2014 04:29PM

  I'm sure you mean . . . .

Bayhawker02/12/2014 04:36PM

  Re: Heinlein once wrote.

jayhawk96902/13/2014 05:00PM

  Re: I smell another (2-Disc Set) DVD

USAF Jayhawk02/13/2014 12:26AM

  In their defense...

NotOstertag02/13/2014 07:29AM

  Didn't have the guts to add "O.T." nm

JhawkMom02/13/2014 09:35PM

  Good point. nm

NotOstertag02/14/2014 08:38AM


HawkErrant02/14/2014 02:32PM

  Re: ?

JhawkMom02/14/2014 03:13PM

  Re: ? Got it, thanks. thumbs up

HawkErrant02/14/2014 07:41PM

  Joel and Andrew on list for Naismith award...

JhawkMom02/14/2014 05:21PM

  great outcome for Duke vs UNC

mtnMan02/13/2014 09:18AM

  Re: great outcome for Duke vs UNC

Konza6302/13/2014 09:25AM

  while here in the mountains...

mtnMan02/13/2014 10:06AM

  Re: while here in the mountains...

JRhawk02/13/2014 10:18AM

  Giant sink hole in Bowling Green

LASJayhawk02/14/2014 01:59PM

  It doesn't get old . . .

Bayhawker02/14/2014 02:06PM

  thumbs up

Konza6302/14/2014 04:24PM

  Well, it's no meteor....

NotOstertag02/13/2014 10:49AM

  Article by Barry Trammel in The Daily Oklahoman - please read reference to Allen Fieldhouse at the end

CorpusJayhawk02/13/2014 10:46PM

  Very cool

Konza6302/13/2014 10:49PM

  I was worried....

NotOstertag02/14/2014 09:33AM

  Me too...

Konza6302/14/2014 11:49AM

  Re: Me too...

NotOstertag02/14/2014 12:15PM

  Norm and Billy...

Kong02/14/2014 12:23PM

  Funny how stories morph or grow...

Konza6302/14/2014 04:22PM

  Re: Billy Tubbs

Freestate 6902/14/2014 12:13PM

  Billy's finest moment.

LASJayhawk02/14/2014 01:57PM

  Re: Billy's finest moment.

LadyHawk02/14/2014 04:19PM

  Re: Very cool

Senex6802/14/2014 01:10PM

  Great read!

newtonhawk02/14/2014 11:55AM

  Re: Article by Barry Trammel in The Daily Oklahoman - please read reference to Allen Fieldhouse at the end

murphyslaw02/14/2014 02:25PM

  House rejects funding for KU apartments

Kong02/14/2014 11:53AM

  Agree. nm

HawkErrant02/14/2014 12:23PM

  Arkansas blew it...

Jhawkr222202/13/2014 09:51PM

  revised Big XII projection, Round 12

asteroid02/13/2014 12:25PM

  Re: revised Big XII projection, Round 12

JRhawk02/13/2014 01:40PM

  Re: revised Big XII projection, Round 12

asteroid02/13/2014 04:46PM

  Re: revised Big XII projection, Round 12

JRhawk02/13/2014 06:48PM

  Other News

JRhawk02/13/2014 08:03AM

  YES! And then there were 3.

NotOstertag02/13/2014 08:57AM

  Next two games

Illhawk02/13/2014 11:54AM

  Concur on Texas Tech

Konza6302/13/2014 12:10PM

  All true...

NotOstertag02/13/2014 03:46PM

  at this point

sasnak02/13/2014 03:47PM

  Re: Other News

Jhawkr222202/13/2014 04:34PM

  Big game tonight...

JhawkMom02/12/2014 06:00PM

  Re: Big game tonight...

JhawkMom02/12/2014 06:01PM

  Charge and Block!!!!!

JhawkMom02/12/2014 07:40PM

  Saw it too!

Bayhawker02/12/2014 07:42PM

  Never heard a game called by a female!!!!

JhawkMom02/12/2014 07:45PM

  Now that you mention it. . . . nm. tongue sticking out smiley

Bayhawker02/12/2014 07:54PM

  Doris Burke

Konza6302/12/2014 11:51PM

  Whatever happens, great exciting game

JhawkMom02/12/2014 08:09PM

  Oh how AWFUL!!!!!!!! 3 at 1 second sad smiley nm

JhawkMom02/12/2014 08:10PM

  Ouch. sad smiley. nm

Bayhawker02/12/2014 08:33PM

  Syracuse is for real...

Konza6302/12/2014 09:07PM

  Re: Syracuse is for real...

JRhawk02/12/2014 09:55PM

  Ennis shot

DrJHawker02/12/2014 11:10PM

  Joel's back not serious.... MRI....

JhawkMom02/12/2014 04:19PM

  Thanks for the good news Mom! smileys with beer nm

Bayhawker02/12/2014 04:37PM

  Ok now I'm worried

sasnak02/11/2014 10:54AM


NotOstertag02/11/2014 11:37AM

  I know...

sasnak02/11/2014 12:02PM

  I don't disagree

NotOstertag02/11/2014 12:14PM

  It seems to me

DrJHawker02/11/2014 01:12PM

  Professional opinion?

NotOstertag02/11/2014 02:36PM

  Sorry to disappoint

DrJHawker02/11/2014 11:14PM

  I'm a child psychologist (Ph.D.) . . . .

Bayhawker02/12/2014 07:49AM

  Horse Liniment

hairyhawk02/12/2014 08:41AM


hairyhawk02/12/2014 08:47AM

  Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is an organosulfur compound .

Bayhawker02/12/2014 08:50AM


sasnak02/12/2014 03:03PM

  That's for vampires! tongue sticking out smiley nm

Bayhawker02/12/2014 04:35PM

  Re: Ok now I'm worried

Senex6802/11/2014 01:44PM

  Re: Ok now I'm worried

big g02/11/2014 02:08PM

  The Injury Was Obvious

CorpusJayhawk02/11/2014 05:49PM

  Re: Ok now I'm worried

Hawkdoc8202/12/2014 07:38AM


NotOstertag02/12/2014 07:55AM

  Wanna Be Amazed?

Senex6802/12/2014 01:19PM

  Re: Wanna Be Amazed?

big g02/12/2014 02:38PM

  Just a kid too...

NotOstertag02/12/2014 03:34PM

  Texas throttles Smart-less OSU

Konza6302/11/2014 10:34PM

  No surprise there

NotOstertag02/12/2014 07:57AM

  Something else to consider re: OSU

NotOstertag02/12/2014 09:18AM

  FYP. nm

HawkErrant02/12/2014 01:46PM

  Thx. nm

NotOstertag02/12/2014 03:27PM

  KU vs. Texas

NotOstertag02/12/2014 09:38AM


Konza6302/12/2014 11:40AM

  Saturday the 22nd is circled on my calendar.

Bayhawker02/12/2014 12:36PM

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