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Men's Basketball

KU, other colleges, pro 

  2 Thoughts

Senex6812/14/2013 08:46PM

  Agreed But

hairyhawk12/14/2013 09:25PM


hairyhawk12/14/2013 09:27PM

  Re: Agreed But

Senex6812/14/2013 09:41PM

  Not Good Play

hairyhawk12/14/2013 09:57PM


JhawkMom12/14/2013 09:34PM

  I set the table for the both of us Mom

Bayhawker12/15/2013 10:34AM

  Hope not considered "bashing" just worry sad smiley

JhawkMom12/15/2013 10:48AM

  Complete agreement Mom. No "bashing" per se, as much as speculation.

Bayhawker12/15/2013 10:56AM

  Re: Complete agreement Mom. No "bashing" per se, as much as speculation.

Senex6812/15/2013 11:51AM

  Now this is a post I agree with

Kong12/14/2013 10:20PM

  I disagree

mtnMan12/14/2013 10:54PM

  Why I'm not concerned about AW

Illhawk12/15/2013 09:45AM

  Re: Why I'm not concerned about AW

Senex6812/15/2013 11:54AM

  My 2 thoughts on Wiggins

NotOstertag12/17/2013 11:19AM

  Very well said, N.O.! nm

boulderhawk12/17/2013 12:24PM

  " irrelevant to me as what shoe company the kid signs with."

Bayhawker12/17/2013 01:20PM

  Note to self:

Kong12/17/2013 02:24PM

  grinning smiley. nfm

Bayhawker12/17/2013 05:08PM

  I don't mind talking about it smiling smiley

NotOstertag12/18/2013 09:26AM

  Awesome Embiid article. Sorry if it was posted before.

replayloungehawk12/17/2013 12:07PM

  Re: Awesome Embiid article. Sorry if it was posted before.

KMT12/17/2013 01:14PM

  "Kansas would best prepare him for the next level."

Bayhawker12/17/2013 01:37PM

  Enjoyed that a lot! Thanks for posting.

NotOstertag12/17/2013 02:11PM

  Rankings ......

JhawkMom12/11/2013 02:23PM

  We'll be #3 on Monday.....

NotOstertag12/11/2013 04:02PM

  Re: We'll be #3 on Monday.....

JhawkMom12/11/2013 05:50PM

  That's our Mom! smiling bouncing smiley. nfm

Bayhawker12/11/2013 05:57PM

  behind who?

wannabe12/13/2013 12:39PM

  Re: behind who?

wannabe12/13/2013 12:46PM


NotOstertag12/13/2013 12:58PM

  Re: Relax...

KUSTEVE12/13/2013 06:00PM

  Re: Relax...

RobS12/14/2013 08:09AM

  Re: Relax...

KUSTEVE12/14/2013 12:33PM

  Only 2 teams with worse record right now

JhawkMom12/14/2013 05:56PM

  Re: Only 2 teams with worse record right now

DocBlues12/14/2013 08:29PM


JhawkMom12/14/2013 09:26PM

  Re: but....

DocBlues12/15/2013 11:08AM

  18th on AP nm

LASJayhawk12/16/2013 11:20AM

  Drops to #19 Coaches' poll sad smiley

JhawkMom12/16/2013 05:15PM

  Re: Drops to #19 Coaches' poll sad smiley

LASJayhawk12/16/2013 06:35PM

  Reminder - where we want to be

NotOstertag12/17/2013 09:51AM


NotOstertag12/16/2013 09:16AM

  Re: Hopeful

socalhawk12/16/2013 10:45AM


NotOstertag12/16/2013 12:52PM

  Not allowed to play

hoshi12/16/2013 01:26PM

  Putting everyone in same situation nm

JhawkMom12/16/2013 05:11PM

  mental break is good

BadgerHawk12/16/2013 09:13PM


NotOstertag12/17/2013 09:40AM

  Interesting statistic

NotOstertag12/16/2013 10:01AM

  Well OSU can enjoy #1 now...

replayloungehawk12/16/2013 03:49PM

  The Suite Life

wannabe12/16/2013 08:25AM

  Re: The Suite Life

NotOstertag12/16/2013 08:55AM

  Re: The Suite Life

wannabe12/16/2013 09:09AM

  Was Zach and Cody near you?

Kong12/16/2013 09:14AM

  Jamari Traylor

porthawk12/15/2013 12:25PM

  Re: Jamari Traylor

Illhawk12/15/2013 02:32PM

  Oh yes he can! Word my brother.

Bayhawker12/15/2013 02:51PM

  Much happier

RobS12/15/2013 02:02PM

  Sir Charles: NBA is "bad basketball"

HawkErrant12/15/2013 09:34AM

  Youngest Team

IOSPro12/15/2013 07:44AM

  Re: Youngest Team

asteroid12/15/2013 08:04AM

  Perry's baaack!

murphyslaw12/14/2013 09:35PM

  Bay Area--Good Luck

LKF_Hawk12/14/2013 08:52PM

  Our guest bedroom is always here for you smileys with beer

Bayhawker12/14/2013 09:09PM

  Re: Our guest bedroom is always here for you

LKF_Hawk12/14/2013 09:18PM


murphyslaw12/14/2013 01:16PM


hairyhawk12/14/2013 08:56PM

  That's more like KU!!!!

JhawkMom12/14/2013 08:05PM

  Hawks playing better; Wiggins not

Red Lion12/14/2013 07:47PM

  Love the Sprint center court...

LASJayhawk12/14/2013 06:13PM

  "Home away from home". smileys with beer. nfm

Bayhawker12/14/2013 06:19PM

  4 in a row!

porthawk12/12/2013 05:59PM

  Re: 4 in a row!

Jhawkr222212/13/2013 01:47AM

  Ha!...good suggestion, J2222! (nm)

porthawk12/13/2013 03:59PM

  That's the Conner I remember seeing before!

JhawkMom12/14/2013 03:31PM

  az falls by 2

JhawkMom12/14/2013 12:52PM

  Mom, it was Michigan who fell by 2

porthawk12/14/2013 02:17PM

  You are right..... Kindle got it wrong

JhawkMom12/14/2013 03:26PM

  Storming the court in Ames..............

jaykhawk12/13/2013 10:52PM

  ISU Winning Close Game

hairyhawk12/14/2013 08:50AM

  Re: ISU Winning Close Game

LKF_Hawk12/14/2013 09:04AM

  Re: ISU Winning Close Game

hairyhawk12/14/2013 11:03AM

  Re: Storming the court in Ames..............

LKF_Hawk12/14/2013 08:52AM

  The future is now

mcederburg12/13/2013 01:28PM

  Re: The future is now

NotOstertag12/13/2013 03:04PM

  Thank you, George Allen

HawkErrant12/14/2013 09:54AM

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