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  Lost in the excitement....

NotOstertag11/14/2013 03:07PM

  Not lost here! I've got the count down stenciled in my underwear spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Bayhawker11/14/2013 05:35PM

  TMI (Too Much Information) eye popping smiley

NotOstertag11/15/2013 09:36AM

  Paritally true.

DocBlues11/15/2013 12:50PM

  The Dreaded Hat Ceremony

Jayhawk8211/15/2013 10:42AM

  How many of those reporters picked Duke to win Tuesday? winking smiley

NotOstertag11/15/2013 11:01AM

  Opposing fans buying UK "40-0" tees

HawkErrant11/14/2013 05:44PM

  Anyone here ever seen a Norfolk State tee? confused smiley

HawkErrant11/14/2013 05:47PM


NotOstertag11/15/2013 09:18AM

  How do we feel about this team?

NotOstertag11/13/2013 08:43AM

  small lineup

wannabe11/13/2013 09:46AM

  Exactly what I was thinking last night wannabe! smileys with beer

Bayhawker11/13/2013 09:54AM

  Re: small lineup

Konza6311/13/2013 10:14AM

  Overly whining

HawkErrant11/13/2013 11:47AM

  Re: Overly whining

NotOstertag11/13/2013 12:19PM

  I think that is why I was disappointed....

JhawkMom11/13/2013 01:23PM

  Re: Overly whining

Junkman11/14/2013 06:55PM

  Maybe that why they ended in the NIT

JhawkMom11/14/2013 09:05PM

  Re: Overly whining

KUSTEVE11/13/2013 05:02PM

  To answer your question...

Konza6311/13/2013 10:37AM

  Re: Mason, I am reminded that last year...

HawkErrant11/13/2013 12:11PM

  Before we go too far down that road...

NotOstertag11/13/2013 12:23PM

  Don't get me wrong

HawkErrant11/13/2013 12:34PM

  Re: Before we go too far down that road...

MountainHawk11/13/2013 01:16PM

  Re: Before we go too far down that road...

Hawknmo11/14/2013 12:31PM

  Re: Before we go too far down that road...

Senex6811/14/2013 01:43PM

  The "Aha" moment

3putt11/14/2013 05:26PM

  new rules and assists...

Kong11/13/2013 09:50AM

  Re: new rules and assists...

hairyhawk11/14/2013 08:22PM

  Player Ratings

CorpusJayhawk11/14/2013 07:54PM

  A Link for all of you

wannabe11/14/2013 04:45PM

  My new screen saver! nfm

Bayhawker11/14/2013 05:41PM

  too funny! (nm)

sasnak11/14/2013 07:49PM

  Absolute Proof Of Vitale Duke Bias

CorpusJayhawk11/13/2013 11:13PM

  Good catch

Konza6311/13/2013 11:24PM

  Re: Absolute Proof Of Vitale Duke Bias

Jhawkr222211/14/2013 12:58AM

  Might not have been Dukie V

NotOstertag11/14/2013 08:18AM

  Re: Might not have been Dukie V

socalhawk11/14/2013 08:54AM

  You never see Dukie Vitale and Lucifer in the room together at the same time. nfm

Bayhawker11/14/2013 08:37AM

  Not true, Dookie V has called Moo games in the past (nfm)

LASJayhawk11/14/2013 04:12PM

  Well I must be wearing orthopedic shoes, because

Bayhawker11/14/2013 05:39PM

  Bleacher Report Article on Champions Classic

KMT11/14/2013 12:52PM

  Re: Bleacher Report Article on Champions Classic

NotOstertag11/14/2013 02:56PM

  I didn't read it that way...

Kong11/14/2013 03:19PM

  All kinds of sweet!!

Hawknmo11/13/2013 02:00AM

  Great post, but they are our guys, please get their names right moody smiley

HawkErrant11/13/2013 07:47AM


Hawknmo11/14/2013 12:05PM

  I understand

HawkErrant11/14/2013 01:52PM

  Perry Ellis, Recruiting and Friday's Announcements

Senex6811/13/2013 01:46PM

  If only the 17 year old mind was looking long term...

Kong11/13/2013 02:01PM

  Re: If only the 17 year old mind was looking long term...

Senex6811/13/2013 02:25PM

  From what I read in the Chicago Tribune, Okafor decided on Monday

HawkErrant11/13/2013 03:03PM

  Re: From what I read in the Chicago Tribune, Okafor decided on Monday

Senex6811/13/2013 03:25PM


HawkErrant11/13/2013 03:48PM

  What a couple of pundits are predicting

Konza6311/13/2013 11:22PM

  My 2 cents....

NotOstertag11/14/2013 08:10AM

  Re: Perry Ellis, Recruiting and Friday's Announcements

Hawknmo11/14/2013 11:59AM

  Re: Perry Ellis, Recruiting and Friday's Announcements

Senex6811/14/2013 01:47PM

  Two random unrelated annoyances....

NotOstertag11/14/2013 08:27AM

  Yes! to #1 and me too for #2 nfm

Bayhawker11/14/2013 08:51AM

  your first point has been a pet peeve of mine for some

Kong11/14/2013 08:56AM

  One of the "benefits" of a Vitale-called game...

HawkErrant11/14/2013 10:56AM

  Re: Two random unrelated annoyances....

wpwillie11/14/2013 09:30AM

  Re: Two random unrelated annoyances....

vegas-jayhawk11/14/2013 11:45AM

  Re: Two random unrelated annoyances....

murphyslaw11/14/2013 12:25PM

  Ellis won that game for us...

replayloungehawk11/13/2013 10:26AM


NotOstertag11/13/2013 12:06PM


HawkErrant11/13/2013 12:25PM

  Motion to adopt "Iceman Ellis" as his new moniker! smiling bouncing smiley nfm

Bayhawker11/13/2013 12:36PM

  I'll second that motion. nfm smiling smiley

NotOstertag11/14/2013 08:28AM

  Re: I'll second that motion. nfm smiling smiley

jaykhawk11/14/2013 08:48AM

  Video: MBB KU vs Duke 2013-11-12

HawkErrant11/13/2013 07:27PM

  Kirk sighting and a comment by Self

porthawk11/13/2013 08:32PM

  Pure awesomeness

Konza6311/13/2013 10:55PM

  Great video. nm

NotOstertag11/14/2013 08:14AM

  Inside the Numbers

CorpusJayhawk11/13/2013 09:23PM

  Thanks, Corpus

Konza6311/13/2013 11:46PM

  good stuff! nfm

NotOstertag11/14/2013 08:07AM

  Thoughts from the United Center (apologize still feeling effects of post win hang over)

LKF_Hawk11/13/2013 02:15PM

  Great post LKF

Bayhawker11/13/2013 02:47PM

  #2 surprised me as well confused smiley

HawkErrant11/13/2013 03:27PM

  Re: #2 surprised me as well confused smiley

LKF_Hawk11/13/2013 05:00PM

  I'm laughin'!!!! grinning smiley

Bayhawker11/13/2013 05:12PM

  Me too!

HawkErrant11/13/2013 05:44PM

  It's rooted in the "Laettner Moment"

Konza6311/13/2013 11:03PM

  Here's the video of the X.Henry dunk over Withey

porthawk11/13/2013 03:46PM

  Sorry about the repost. I hadn't read the earlier ones

porthawk11/13/2013 07:07PM

  The real reason we won (joke)

Bayhawker11/13/2013 01:09PM

  Verra, verra nice...

HawkErrant11/13/2013 02:11PM

  Southampton Bay just past the Carquinez bridge in the background.

Bayhawker11/13/2013 02:33PM

  Ah so, thanks!

HawkErrant11/13/2013 03:16PM

  If only you could have bought your house back then . . . eye rolling smiley

Bayhawker11/13/2013 03:27PM

  Re: The real reason we won (joke)

LKF_Hawk11/13/2013 02:20PM

  Bay Area KU alumni watch site:

Bayhawker11/13/2013 02:43PM

  very nice

sasnak11/13/2013 04:26PM

  Yes it is, thank you. How did you know? nfm

Bayhawker11/13/2013 05:10PM

  I was just looking at one

sasnak11/13/2013 10:33PM

  I'm now suffering from Flagpole Envy

Konza6311/13/2013 10:48PM


bvillehawk11/13/2013 05:08PM

  Good catch on Traylor, I thought I saw that too smileys with beer nfm

Bayhawker11/13/2013 05:13PM

  Things that impressed me most

murphyslaw11/13/2013 03:11PM


HawkErrant11/12/2013 11:39PM

  Rock Chalk, BABY!!! smileys with beer

Konza6311/12/2013 11:41PM

  My new name is Thomas

JhawkMom11/12/2013 11:47PM

  Nah, you're still "Mom"

NotOstertag11/13/2013 12:25PM

  I'm embarassed to admit I was right there with you Mom . . .

Bayhawker11/13/2013 12:37PM

  Me Neither. . . smileys with beer

JhawkMom11/13/2013 01:18PM

  I hope...

mtnMan11/13/2013 12:10AM

  Speaking of free throws grinning smiley

Bayhawker11/13/2013 01:06PM

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