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  Dick's (Vitale) Degrees of Separation (Titus)

porthawk12/11/2013 09:25PM

  This is hysterical!!! smiling bouncing smiley. nfm

Bayhawker12/11/2013 09:44PM

  Re: Dick's (Vitale) Degrees of Separation (Titus)

DocBlues12/11/2013 09:54PM

  Time for some coaching

IowaHawk12/10/2013 06:35PM

  And it gets worse!

Bayhawker12/10/2013 06:37PM

  A 21-0 Florida run???

Konza6312/10/2013 06:39PM

  I have never seen such poor play from a Self team.

HawkErrant12/10/2013 06:44PM

  Not a single thing you can point to that they're doing right

Konza6312/10/2013 06:50PM

  Going to be a long December for the guys

HawkErrant12/10/2013 07:04PM


3putt12/10/2013 07:20PM

  Re: learning

Hawknmo12/10/2013 07:38PM

  No glue

Red Lion12/10/2013 08:25PM

  Re: learning

KUSTEVE12/10/2013 08:50PM

  No name team.....

JhawkMom12/11/2013 01:42PM

  Re: Going to be a long December for the guys

Kuray12/10/2013 09:06PM

  No, it won't be the worst ever fielded at KU

HawkErrant12/11/2013 10:11AM

  2 straight losses.

LASJayhawk12/11/2013 01:18PM

  That long ago? spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

HawkErrant12/11/2013 01:27PM

  Some Perspective on Being a Fan

LASJayhawk12/10/2013 09:26PM

  I really like Teddy's comment, but as far as I am concerned...

HawkErrant12/11/2013 10:04AM

  Naaw HawkE not where I was trying to go

LASJayhawk12/11/2013 12:21PM

  Re: Naaw HawkE not where I was trying to go

rainyhawk12/11/2013 12:39PM

  Re: Naaw HawkE not where I was trying to go

big g12/11/2013 12:53PM

  Can't argue with 20/20 hindsight. Our performance proves your case.

Bayhawker12/11/2013 12:57PM

  Sure that's not HS, Bayhawker?

HawkErrant12/11/2013 01:01PM

  thumbs up

HawkErrant12/11/2013 12:43PM

  If you thought it looked bad on TV...

The Jacque Shock12/11/2013 09:48AM

  Not much more to add...

Kong12/10/2013 08:55PM

  "Oddly numb"

HawkErrant12/10/2013 09:03PM

  Worst Non-Tourney Bill Self Era Game

hairyhawk12/10/2013 09:11PM

  Wayne Simien and Keith Langford

hairyhawk12/10/2013 09:14PM

  Re: Worst Non-Tourney Bill Self Era Game

LKF_Hawk12/10/2013 09:14PM

  Very Young Team

hairyhawk12/10/2013 09:21PM

  I still think that the potential is there...

Kong12/10/2013 09:29PM

  I dunno, Hairy...

Konza6312/10/2013 10:05PM

  Re: I dunno, Hairy...

3putt12/10/2013 11:21PM

  To answer your question...

Konza6312/11/2013 05:53AM

  Re: To answer your question...

LKF_Hawk12/11/2013 06:55AM

  Don't agree

Kuray12/11/2013 08:33AM


HawkErrant12/11/2013 09:41AM

  I was at that game

NotOstertag12/11/2013 08:54AM

  How Does 'Frenetic' Sound?

Senex6812/11/2013 08:48AM

  Frenetic but not frantic.

Bayhawker12/11/2013 09:00AM

  Re: Frenetic but not frantic.

Riverhawk12/11/2013 09:21AM

  Re: Frenetic but not frantic.

Freestate 6912/11/2013 09:23AM

  Molto *presto* ma non fuori controllo?

HawkErrant12/11/2013 09:31AM


NotOstertag12/11/2013 09:12AM

  Re: Assessment

Riverhawk12/11/2013 09:29AM

  Flush and Forget

Konza6312/11/2013 05:56AM

  I like your suggestion, but lately it's been Flush, Forget, Repeat. sad smiley nfm

Bayhawker12/11/2013 07:35AM

  need a "w"

Riverhawk12/10/2013 10:21PM

  Re: need a "w"

LKF_Hawk12/10/2013 10:26PM

  15 Things to be Happy about

CorpusJayhawk12/10/2013 09:41PM

  I think 12 through 14 work best tonight! drinking smiley

Konza6312/10/2013 09:58PM

  Coach quote

mcederburg12/10/2013 08:59PM

  I like this tweet ever better grinning smiley

LASJayhawk12/10/2013 09:16PM

  glass half full

mcederburg12/10/2013 08:39PM

  Re: glass half full

3putt12/10/2013 08:45PM

  Re: glass half full

porthawk12/10/2013 08:59PM

  Re: glass half full

KUSTEVE12/10/2013 09:05PM

  Missed the last two games

RobS12/10/2013 08:32PM

  Re: Missed the last two games

Konza6312/10/2013 08:42PM


hairyhawk12/10/2013 08:59PM

  40 minutes.... not THREE

JhawkMom12/10/2013 08:28PM

  At this point, Mom, I just want to see them get it together...

HawkErrant12/10/2013 08:32PM

  Maybe just 20????

JhawkMom12/10/2013 08:41PM

  Seldon seems lost...

Konza6312/10/2013 08:47PM

  Ellis in retrograde is perhaps the biggest hurt

HawkErrant12/10/2013 08:57PM

  Bogus call OOB when Wiggins gets hammered

HawkErrant12/10/2013 08:13PM

  So frustrating

DrJHawker12/10/2013 08:16PM

  Re: Bogus call OOB when Wiggins gets hammered

replayloungehawk12/10/2013 08:30PM

  Rerun showed he was going up....

JhawkMom12/10/2013 08:43PM

  Even in FB they can't challenge a penalty...

HawkErrant12/10/2013 08:45PM


LKF_Hawk12/10/2013 08:40PM

  The zebras just jobbed us, big-time (adding insult to injury)

Konza6312/10/2013 08:12PM

  As I noted, ol' One Eye even agreed! nfm

HawkErrant12/10/2013 08:14PM

  Re: As I noted, ol' One Eye even agreed! nfm

KUSTEVE12/10/2013 08:29PM

  Nope, wasn't listening.

HawkErrant12/10/2013 08:35PM

  Not me..... MUTE was on tonight... sad smiley nm

JhawkMom12/10/2013 08:37PM

  Couldn't agree more...

replayloungehawk12/10/2013 08:32PM

  Some random thoughts from a cluttered mind

Kong12/07/2013 10:47PM

  Re: Some random thoughts from a cluttered mind

Jhawkr222212/08/2013 04:28AM

  Re: Some random thoughts from a cluttered mind

Hawknmo12/08/2013 06:51AM

  Re: Some random thoughts from a cluttered mind

Konza6312/10/2013 08:27PM

  Thinking exactly same thing.....

JhawkMom12/10/2013 08:36PM

  No blowout at least and they showed some fight!

replayloungehawk12/10/2013 08:31PM

  Finally playing with energy and some execution

Konza6312/10/2013 07:23PM

  Slowly chipping away...

Konza6312/10/2013 07:33PM

  Re: Slowly chipping away...

3putt12/10/2013 08:20PM

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