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Men's Basketball

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  Squid to Cavaliers?

HawkErrant05/14/2014 11:28PM

  Seems unlikely

Illhawk05/15/2014 10:35AM

  Re: Seems unlikely

NotOstertag05/15/2014 02:08PM

  Sooooooooo, you need an NBA coach . . . .

Bayhawker05/15/2014 04:02PM

  Love me some Cal Worthington!

HawkErrant05/15/2014 06:57PM

  Seems to me that you had fun everywhere you went . . .

Bayhawker05/15/2014 07:20PM

  Late Night Oct 10; 2014 nonconf schedule set

HawkErrant05/13/2014 08:11PM

  link to Charles Gruber's tipoff clock

HawkErrant05/13/2014 08:13PM

  Nov 18 KY plays in Indianapolis!!!!!!!!!!!! hot smiley

JhawkMom05/13/2014 09:36PM

  Yea, MOM!!!

WheatState Gal05/13/2014 11:27PM

  My birthday. I would love the gift of a "W" spinning smiley sticking its tongue out nm

Bayhawker05/14/2014 08:06AM

  It's always about you, isn't it...

Kong05/14/2014 08:28AM

  Bet you're not suprised to hear . . . .

Bayhawker05/14/2014 09:07AM

  Death Heat here too!

WheatState Gal05/14/2014 02:32PM

  Cool 55 deg today... come to Indy

JhawkMom05/14/2014 09:06PM

  Re: Cool 55 deg today... come to Indy

WheatState Gal05/14/2014 11:35PM

  Isn't the KU-UK game Nov 14th?nm

JRhawk05/15/2014 04:43PM

  Oops - story narrative wrong - is the 18th!nm

JRhawk05/15/2014 04:48PM

  Rocky Top?

WheatState Gal05/13/2014 11:32PM

  Honestly! Most people in the Bay Area mention that Fred Phelps character to me.

Bayhawker05/14/2014 08:09AM

  Re: Honestly! Most people in the Bay Area mention that Fred Phelps character to me.

WheatState Gal05/14/2014 02:30PM

  TRob had a nice game last night

Illhawk05/13/2014 02:09PM

  Re: TRob had a nice game last night

murphyslaw05/13/2014 05:10PM

  Come back, get injured, fall out of draft, GET PAID!

NotOstertag05/13/2014 09:03AM

  AW and JE to skip combine (and also what's this tournament?!)

porthawk05/12/2014 06:57PM

  More defections for WVU hoops; Big 12 future?

HawkErrant05/11/2014 10:58AM

  Could Big12 have gotten Louisville?

RobS05/12/2014 05:18AM


HawkErrant05/12/2014 07:05AM

  Heard that too

IowaHawk05/12/2014 09:18AM

  I don't buy it, as Pitino disliking KU makes no sense

HawkErrant05/12/2014 01:57PM

  More on Pitino not being what stopped the move to the Big 12

HawkErrant05/12/2014 02:49PM

  Pitino holding a grudge?

LASJayhawk05/12/2014 11:18AM

  Put me down as both

Illhawk05/12/2014 01:55PM

  Thoughts on next season

The Jacque Shock05/12/2014 11:16AM

  Re: Thoughts on next season

NotOstertag05/12/2014 01:18PM

  Coming soon to a college basketball court near you -- change to the charge/block rule

HawkErrant05/10/2014 05:30PM

  Gal Pals--NBA?

WheatState Gal04/17/2014 10:51AM

  Re: Gal Pals--NBA?

Jhawkr222204/17/2014 11:46AM

  Re: Gal Pals--NBA?

rainyhawk04/17/2014 02:39PM

  This guy's 2 cents....

NotOstertag04/17/2014 12:37PM

  Re: This guy's 2 cents....

Jhawkr222204/17/2014 01:25PM

  Re: This guy's 2 cents....

WheatState Gal04/17/2014 02:49PM

  I'm with you Wheaty :-)

JhawkMom04/17/2014 03:24PM

  Re: I'm with you Wheaty :-)

WheatState Gal04/17/2014 07:40PM

  Same here...

NotOstertag04/18/2014 08:38AM

  Watching KU games (especially those played in AFH) has ruined me . . .

Bayhawker04/18/2014 09:34AM

  I don't watch

sasnak04/17/2014 07:14PM

  Thunder Up

CorpusJayhawk04/17/2014 10:23PM

  Re: Open Invitation--Chicago Blackhawks!!

LKF_Hawk04/18/2014 09:48AM

  I'll take you up on that!

iang05/05/2014 12:04PM

  Re: Open Invitation--Chicago Blackhawks!!

JhawkMom05/06/2014 02:34PM

  I WIll Be The Villain

hairyhawk05/06/2014 04:39PM

  Re: I WIll Be The Villain

LKF_Hawk05/09/2014 05:50AM

  I WIll Be The Villain

LKF_Hawk05/09/2014 05:54AM

  As an old Blues fan...

Kong05/09/2014 07:53AM

  Some great memories going to games with my Dad.

Kong05/09/2014 08:02AM

  Re: Some great memories going to games with my Dad.

LKF_Hawk05/10/2014 10:21AM

  Re: Gal Pals--NBA?

Kuray05/06/2014 08:51AM

  Doggone it -- White changes mind, is transferring

HawkErrant05/08/2014 07:58PM

  KU Athletics official release

HawkErrant05/08/2014 08:02PM

  *being 'right' does not make me*

texkan05/09/2014 01:18AM

  What a difference a week makes

AZHawk8705/09/2014 08:07AM


NotOstertag05/09/2014 08:28AM

  Silver lining....B-Mac

NotOstertag05/09/2014 08:33AM

  Less surprised he is leaving than he was staying.

DrJHawker05/09/2014 10:33AM

  Would love to see him playing for

Kong05/09/2014 03:12PM

  Cool thought

DrJHawker05/09/2014 06:15PM

  Ben McLemore making us proud(er) . . .

Bayhawker05/09/2014 08:01AM

  Re: Ben McLemore making us proud(er) . . .

NotOstertag05/09/2014 08:35AM

  Yep, that would be sweet, NotO. thumbs up nm

HawkErrant05/09/2014 08:54AM

  Big 12 versus the SEC

Kong05/07/2014 01:17PM

  They wouldn't DARE match Ku and Misery! nm

JhawkMom05/07/2014 03:49PM

  Even ESPN isn't that dumb (I hope)....

NotOstertag05/08/2014 08:46AM

  Of note in the second article...

Kong05/08/2014 10:37AM

  I'll definitely be there, Kong...

Konza6305/08/2014 11:24AM

  I'd make that trip...

NotOstertag05/08/2014 03:45PM

  Another article on KU v FLa, but down at the bottom

Kong05/09/2014 08:09AM

  You answered your own question

HawkErrant05/09/2014 08:34AM

  Push to ^ CBB TV draw before New Year’s continues next year

HawkErrant05/08/2014 10:37PM

  Take a look at what T-Rob found in his locker....

porthawk05/08/2014 08:50PM

  Has OkSt's slide become a precipitous fall?

HawkErrant05/08/2014 01:39PM


NotOstertag05/08/2014 03:46PM

  Way things are going in Okie town . . .

Bayhawker05/08/2014 04:13PM

  Elsewhere, Turgeon has his AD's backing

HawkErrant05/08/2014 02:18PM

  Was there really ever any doubt about #1?

HawkErrant05/08/2014 01:23PM


WheatState Gal05/07/2014 03:42PM


WheatState Gal05/07/2014 03:45PM

  Thunder Up Indeed

CorpusJayhawk05/08/2014 07:57AM

  Jayhawk on Jayhawk crime

porthawk05/06/2014 07:28PM

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